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The Right Dice Make A Difference

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There are a lot of dice manufacturing companies out there, and there are many different shapes, styles, and colors of dice to choose from; everyone has their favorite(s), for one reason or another.

My favorite dice are the European style opaques, with their aesthetically pleasing, smooth, rounded (but not too round) corners, high gloss finish, rich, deep colors, and “old school” numeral font. I love the rough, rugged, uneven way that the numerals are stamped; it gives them the feeling of being “hand-made.” And the smooth corners mean that they roll well, and are resistant to chipping.

The European style dice that I own have been in my possession for a long time; 20 years or more. People have often complimented me on them in the past, because of their distinctive look. Here are a few examples:

Dice 001

I love the high gloss finish on these dice; it is most apparent on the white dice.









Dice 002

These d6s have helped roll characters, deal spell damage, and even served duty as monsters, whenever we would run short on miniatures.









Dice 003

I love the little 7s with the slashes through them on the black d20.









Dice 004

These d8 have rolled many hit points, and many healing spells.









Dice 005

I love the deep, rich color tones of these dice.








Dice 006

I prefer these kinds of d4 to the ones that have the numbers on the points.









Dice 007

d10s are some of the most heavily used dice in a GM’s arsenal.








Dice 008

A look at the whole bunch.









There’s just something about this set of dice that feels really right to me. They’ve been with me for a long time, and I don’t foresee a time when I would ever consider getting rid of them.

I think that once a person finds the dice that are just right for him or her, that their overall gaming experience changes for the better. You feel more connected, to the overall game, and to your character. Having the right dice gives you a feeling of control, and a sense of belonging. I just don’t know what I would do without my European Opaques. Having the right dice does indeed make all the difference.



Author: tellerianhawke

My name is Christopher A. Altnau, and I'm a happy husband, proud father, scholarly librarian, dedicated writer, avid role player, and ardent airgun enthusiast. My in-game persona is Tellerian Hawke, Defender of the Weak. I run an epic-level third edition campaign.

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