Over The Top Epic Roleplaying

–Why Stop at 20?

An Example of What I Mean When I Say, “Epic.”

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You might be wondering, “how epic will OTTER actually be?”

And to that, I would answer, “how epic is your vision?” Because, if you really think about it, OTTER isn’t about my vision, it’s about yours. I’m just the guy who’s trying to create a framework for you to work within, and to advise you on your journey; but the destination must be one of your own choosing, and of your own design. “High level” is different for everyone, so in the end, only you can determine “how epic” your OTTER campaign will be.

As for me, if you’d like to get a rough idea of the way I see things, I can show you the stats of an NPC in my current epic game: an elder druid named Ellis Kvar. Some of Ellis’ bonuses and powers are already using elements of the game mechanics that will appear in the OTTER system. The final version might differ slightly, because as I write, I am sure that new inspirations will strike, and that I will be tempted to make refinements. But rest assured, epic OTTER NPCs will look a lot like Ellis, perhaps even surpassing him; in my campaign, he’s one of the most powerful quasi-deities alive; in yours, perhaps not. You are the master of your own milieu; the power structure will be what you make it.

Ellis and Nimbar

On the left, we see Ellis Kvar, The Elder Heirophant. On the right, is his friend, Nimbar The Watcher, Master of Mystics, an elder Arch Mage of extreme power. The two are fast friends, and fierce rivals when they are sitting on opposite sides of a chess board.


Part One of Ellis' stats, with references to copyrighted materials removed.

Part One of Ellis’ stats, with references to copyrighted materials removed.



Part Two



Part Three



Part Four; references to copyrighted materials have been removed.



Part Five



Part Six



Part Seven



Part Eight




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My name is Christopher A. Altnau, and I'm a happy husband, proud father, scholarly librarian, dedicated writer, avid role player, and ardent airgun enthusiast. My in-game persona is Tellerian Hawke, Defender of the Weak. I run an epic-level third edition campaign.

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