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OTTER Update Two: Vital Statistics

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You might be asking yourself, why would you (i.e., me, the blog owner) want to waste a whole blog post, on something as simple as vital statistics? After all, you just state what you want your height and weight to be, and you move on. Simple, right? Well, I started thinking about all the times that I had to correct players in my campaign, when they would say, “I want to play an Elf who is 6’5″ and very intimidating, just like Legolas!” and then I would have to reply, “That’s a Tolkien Elf; D&D Elves are different. They aren’t that tall.”

But in the back of my mind, I was thinking, “Yeah, I think I like Tolkien’s concept of tall Elves better also.” And I have noticed, over the many years that I have been playing (2016 – 1979 = 37! Wow, I didn’t realize it was that long!) that almost without exception, EVERYONE uses the Tolkien style Elves in their game. So, I decided to refine the vital statistics section for OTTER, and that includes tweaking the other races as well. And while I was at it, I addressed another problem that players often have: questions such as, “Ok, if I’m playing a 4’3″ Dwarf, who is heavy-set, with a 15 Strength, how much should I make him weigh? I don’t want him to be track-star thin, but I don’t want him to be too out of shape, either. He needs to be meaty, like a wrestler.” Well, based on a little research, and a good dose of imagination, tempered with a bit of “Ok, this seems realistic and fair,” I have come up with a system to calculate a character’s (or an NPC’s) weight based on height, and build type. This may seem a little extravagant, but I firmly believe that it’s touches like this that will make OTTER a cut above the other 3.x clones. I have attached the vital statistics charts to this post in PDF format, as a little bonus. I can’t guarantee that I won’t tweak these charts between now and final publication, but you guys will probably end up tweaking it anyway, or adding races that exist only in your campaign, etc. So here’s just a little taste of what I’ve been working on; I hope you enjoy it.

OTTER Working Draft Vital Statistics


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My name is Christopher A. Altnau, and I'm a happy husband, proud father, scholarly librarian, dedicated writer, avid role player, and ardent airgun enthusiast. My in-game persona is Tellerian Hawke, Defender of the Weak. I run an epic-level third edition campaign.

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