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Greetings friends,

One of the complaints that is heard most often in regard to the Fighter class is how under-powered it is in the endgame, compared to Clerics and Wizards. Well, thinking about that has led me to create an alternative class, called the Fighting Hero, which is basically what the Fighter should have been: the master of the physical realm. The Fighting Hero has many of the Monk’s abilities, and even a few new abilities based upon what the Monk could’ve (should’ve?) had.  The result is pretty impressive; but is it too much? I’ll let you decide.

What I am doing is providing to my readers, free of charge, my beta version write-up of the Fighting Hero, so that they can playtest it, and provide me with feedback as to how balanced it seems to be, and/or things that they would change. Put it through its paces, min-max the heck out of it, and let me know what you really think! Try making a 10th, 20th, 30th, and 40th level version. Look it over intensely; is it still under-powered? Is it over-powered? Is it balanced? Let me know! The philosophy I followed while creating this class was based on complaints that I have heard from many players, about many classes, concerning “dead levels,” i.e., levels where you don’t gain any abilities. I tried to remedy that, so that with the advancement of each level, the player will have something new to look forward to. It is my hope that this class will replace the Fighter, and bring you, my readers, many hours of enjoyment.

OTTER Working Draft FIGHTING HERO [beta] + OGL


Author: tellerianhawke

My name is Christopher A. Altnau, and I'm a happy husband, proud father, scholarly librarian, dedicated writer, avid role player, and ardent airgun enthusiast. My in-game persona is Tellerian Hawke, Defender of the Weak. I run an epic-level third edition campaign.

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