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OTTER Update Four: Spell Variations and New Spells!

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In the OTTER system, some of the 3.x spells work differently than they did in their original form; there are also spells included from other OGL systems, as well as variations of those spells, and last (but certainly not least!) some entirely new spells of my own design. In this installment, I am posting a few of these spells as a preview to the OTTER system. Feel free to send me feedback, suggestions, and general comments on these spells, because I’m always interested to know what my readers think! Without further ado, here they are, for your enjoyment. Each one has the OGL license attached to it, and may be distributed freely.







Author: tellerianhawke

My name is Christopher A. Altnau, and I'm a happy husband, proud father, scholarly librarian, dedicated writer, avid role player, and ardent airgun enthusiast. My in-game persona is Tellerian Hawke, Defender of the Weak. I run an epic-level third edition campaign.

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