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Playmobil Memoir

Hi! Anthony Pryor here, master of the nowhere near frequently updated enough site http://www.anthonypryor.com, and general gaming author guy. I’ve been working in the trenches of the rpg industry for a few decades now, producing material for Battletech, several incarnations of D&D, Talislanta, Song of Ice and Fire, various WotC, Green Ronin and Frog God games products and the like. My own blog is oft-neglected but I’m currently working on some articles about the odd world of fantasy paper wargames and also chewing down my fingernails awaiting the release of my first fictional trilogy by Permuted Press this spring. And here I am talking about utilizing Playmobil figures for RPGs, in a post that may prove far more bittersweet than anticipated, given its very sad real-world ending.

You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you

— Ray Bradbury

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