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–Why Stop at 20?

Welcome To The OTTER Blog!


Welcome to OTTER: Over The Top Epic Roleplaying! a production of OTTER Gaming.

I am your humble host, Christopher Altnau, aka Tellerian Hawke.

This blog deals with:

1. The ongoing development of the OTTER Rules System (based on the 3.5 OGL) [See below.]

2. The ongoing development of the POWER Rules System (a proprietary rules system using contested percentile rolls.) [More info coming soon!]

3. Cool things you can do / projects you can undertake to make your roleplaying experience more enjoyable.

4. The memoirs and personal musings of its creator, Christopher Altnau.

You have reached the welcome page. There is a list of available posts on the right-hand sidebar, PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THEM! You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find there! There are also links to the Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter feeds for OTTER Entertainment. Feel free to leave a comment, but keep it PG, because this is a family-oriented blog. Comments are moderated to prevent spam.

You can also email me directly, by clicking HERE.

OTTER is a rules system, based on the OGL, that takes characters from 1st level, to well beyond 20th, deep into epic levels, not as an expansion or option, but rather, as a part of the core system. The founding principle of OTTER is that epic level play shouldn’t have to come from a supplement; it should be an integral part of the core rules system, so that the players feel at ease, knowing that the system will allow their characters to grow and develop as much as they are able, even up to and including divine ascension. OTTER allows players to create truly legendary characters, and accomplish truly legendary things, in effect, allowing them (in collaboration with the GM) to create their own mythology.

The OTTER system is still in the development stage, not yet ready for playtesting; updates on game system progress will be posted here, on this blog, from time to time. In the interim, OTTER will explore useful accessories, and offer advice on roleplaying in general, especially in the area of handling epic level adventure design. OTTER is also in the process of developing its own, proprietary game world setting (known as RYKALLIS) and some posts here will reflect status updates on that project as well.

Lastly, you should know that OTTER is the brain child of Christopher Altnau (that’s me;) I have been an avid roleplayer since the age of 10, circa 1979. I have played a vast array of roleplaying games over the years, and was even an early playtester for the 3rd edition of the most popular roleplaying game of all time. My longest running campaign began in early 2001, and ran HEAVILY (every weekend, Sat & Sun) until late 2005, bringing the characters from very humble beginnings, all the way into the arena of Quasi Deityship, with the party’s average level being 42nd at the point that the campaign left off. In 2014, I “resurrected” that campaign, on a private Google Sites page, on a play-by-post monthly basis, after my old players expressed an interest in reviving it. The revived version moves at a much slower pace, which has allowed me a lot of time to reflect on how the story should be molded, and various developments that make epic levels seem truly “epic.” All of that reflection served as the catalyst for the OTTER system, and so here we are, on the welcome page of the OTTER BLOG, spreading the good news about a system that promises to let the player travel as far as his or her imagination will allow. Welcome, and I hope you enjoy your time here.

P.S. I found this quote today, and it had a profound effect upon me. Therefore, I am making it a permanent part of my site. The following quote is from John Ruskin, the great philosopher: “There is scarcely anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse, and sell a little more cheaply. The person who buys on price alone is this man’s lawful prey.” 

John Ruskin circa 1863

John Ruskin, circa 1863. Image in the Public Domain.


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