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An Example of How OTTER Adds Epic-Level Functionality To Non-Epic Spells

I was running my epic campaign the other day, and a player wanted to develop a spell that would allow him to simply touch a corpse, concentrate a little, and be able to see the last few minutes of its life. (Sort of like an “instant replay” kind of thing.)

Well, I informed him that such a spell already existed, in a third party book that I own called “Relics & Rituals.” The spell is known as “Dead Man’s Eyes,” and just as it is, it’s a great little spell. But the player wanted more functionality, so I modified the spell, to allow it to be used by (and therefore, prove useful to) an epic-level caster. At the same time, the spell retains its usefulness to lower level spellcasters as well; I made the spell scalable using caster level and Concentration checks. The better you are at casting spells, the better the spell works.

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