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Gary Con X

Gary Con X:

Back in March, I went to Gary Con X. I had a blast! On the plane ride, I read “Empire of Imagination,” and at the con, I got to game with LEGENDS! I haven’t had time before now to blog about it, but I guess it’s better late, than never!

Here are the highlights:

Here’s what I read (along with my lunch, ha ha) on the plane:

Empire of Imagination: a great read!


I played in Tracy Hickman’s Ravenloft game, and got my character sheet autographed:


My Character: “The Colonel.”


I also played in Ernie Gygax Jr.’s Hobbyshop Dungeon Marmoreal Tomb! I have an autographed sheet from that also:


My Character, Slayer of Owlbears: Lars Frostwife.




As well as a few pics:

Our DM: Ernie Gygax, Jr.


Ready for Action!



Photo Op: Ernie Gygax, Jr.


I also played in Mike Mearls’ “Dungeon of the Curator,” and here is the autographed sheet from that session; funny story about this particular session: I didn’t recognize a fellow player until WAY AFTER I got home from the Con, and saw him in a YouTube video. I asked my wife, “Hey, do you know who this guy is? I played a D&D game with him at Gary Con, and I thought he looked familiar. This is a video of him on the Conan O’Brien show.” I showed her the video on my phone, and she freaked out. “You played D&D with Joe Manganiello?!? Alcide Herveaux from True Blood?!?” To which I replied, “Oh my goodness, I didn’t recognize him! I saved his character (and two others) from a trapped room that was filling up with acid.” Ha ha. Joe, if you’re out there reading this, cheers!


Pious, Lawful Good Cleric, Wrecker of Traps!


I also met Frank Mentzer, and picked up an autographed copy of his new manuscript, Fairy Tale Games.


Photo Op: Frank Mentzer.



Frank’s New Manuscript: Fairy Tale Games.



I also met the artist, Darlene, and got several autographed pieces of her artwork, including the iconic Map of the Central Flanaess.

Editions Change, Greyhawk Endures.


She even autographed some stuff for my wife and kids:

Magda’s Autographed Souvenir



Yuri’s Autographed Souvenir



Sonya’s Autographed Souvenir



I also got a really cool, limited edition dice bag (one for myself, and two more for each of the kiddos):

This is a REALLY COOL dice bag!



Lastly, here are some photographs of my epic dice tower (which was a freebie with my Platinum Badge) and my event guide:

Dice Tower and Event Guide



Another View of Both the Tower and the Bag



I also played in a three-part series (The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth) with this guy, Mark Zierden, who is a great, funny, and very amiable DM:


Our DM for The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth: Mark Zierden.


“…So what are you guys going to do?”


I also played in the Gary Con X “Revenge of the Giants” tournament, and our team came in 2nd place!


I got to play Flerd Trantle!



William Smith was our DM. He did a great job!


Other Gary Con Swag:


My Con Badge, Tokens, and Coins.



The Loot Hoard


Official Con Coin (Side A)



Official Con Coin (Side B)



Well, there you have it, a brief pictorial overview of my trip to Gary Con X! I highly enjoyed all the games that I played in, and I also enjoyed meeting and playing with so many cool people!



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OTTER Update Five: The Golem Master Prestige Class

Hello Once Again!

It gives me great pleasure to present to you, my loyal readers, the first (beta, playtest) version of my Golem Master prestige class. I came up with the idea a few months back, and then started searching the internet for people who might have possibly had the same idea, and that had already implemented it.

My suspicion that it had been thought of before proved to be correct; there was a Golem Master prestige class that had been posted on ENWorld back in 2002 by Holly Cook. Although many of her ideas coincided with mine, my approach was slightly different from hers in its final form.


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OTTER Update Four: Spell Variations and New Spells!

In the OTTER system, some of the 3.x spells work differently than they did in their original form; there are also spells included from other OGL systems, as well as variations of those spells, and last (but certainly not least!) some entirely new spells of my own design. In this installment, I am posting a few of these spells as a preview to the OTTER system. Feel free to send me feedback, suggestions, and general comments on these spells, because I’m always interested to know what my readers think! Without further ado, here they are, for your enjoyment. Each one has the OGL license attached to it, and may be distributed freely.






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OTTER Update Three: Vital Statistics + Character Creation Methodology

Here we are again with another update; you may have noticed that this update includes the material (Vital Statistics) from the last update. That’s because I want my readers to have one file that will help them generate the core of their character quickly and easily. Thus, I combined the Vital Statistics file with the Character Creation file that I’ve been working on. I’ve actually been using this method in various 3.x campaigns that I have been running, and I find that it works quite well; I’m very happy with it. I hope that you will like it as well.

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Help Me Beta Test: The Mystic Archer!

I’ve been working on prestige classes recently, and I decided to upgrade one of my favorite ones, the Arcane Archer. The initial prestige class as presented in the 3.x rules always left a little to be desired; I was playing around with that version, trying to weigh its flaws and merits, and making re-write after re-write of my improved version, when I suddenly realized that another gaming company had also made an improved version of the class. I looked at their version, which was made using the OGL, and decided to create a hybrid, between their version and mine. The result was quite gratifying; I have now crafted an Archer prestige class that should prove to be extremely entertaining to play.

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Greetings friends,

One of the complaints that is heard most often in regard to the Fighter class is how under-powered it is in the endgame, compared to Clerics and Wizards. Well, thinking about that has led me to create an alternative class, called the Fighting Hero, which is basically what the Fighter should have been: the master of the physical realm. The Fighting Hero has many of the Monk’s abilities, and even a few new abilities based upon what the Monk could’ve (should’ve?) had.  The result is pretty impressive; but is it too much? I’ll let you decide.

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OTTER Update Two: Vital Statistics

You might be asking yourself, why would you (i.e., me, the blog owner) want to waste a whole blog post, on something as simple as vital statistics? After all, you just state what you want your height and weight to be, and you move on. Simple, right? Well, I started thinking about all the times that I had to correct players in my campaign, when they would say, “I want to play an Elf who is 6’5″ and very intimidating, just like Legolas!” and then I would have to reply, “That’s a Tolkien Elf; D&D Elves are different. They aren’t that tall.”
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